Motivation in EFL Classes: Who does it depend on?

The term “Motivation” is a catchword used by learners and teachers alike when trying to explain success or failure in learning. Teachers need motivated learners. Learners need teachers who motivate them, engaging them in classes with dynamic resources.

But what is motivation? Who does it depend on? What does it depend on? This paper will attempt to provide some answers and suggest approaches and strategies to engage learners and keep them motivated in a foreign language class.

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The Use of "Mind Maps" in the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Since British psychologist Tony Buzan first introduced “Mind Maps” in the late Sixties, the graphic tool has proved to be an excellent resource for teachers of foreign languages who face the challenge of enabling learners to communicate ideas in the target language naturally, meaningfully and assertively.This paper examines the applications and benefits of Buzan’s tool and illustrates how ”Mind Maps” can be adapted and implemented in the teaching of foreign languages with two classroom examples.

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