Butterflies on Video & in Teaching

Session 1: Working with Video at an Elementary Level (90 minutes)

In the first session we will start by describing the role of images and video in the ELT world today. Then, following Kolbīs model of experiential learning, participants will become learners for 40 minutes and will experience as students at an elementary level a class based on a video connected to butterflies downloaded from You Tube.

Session 2: Scaffolding a Video Segment & The Role of the Teacher (90 minutes)

In the second session, we will reflect on what has been done in session 1 and we will focus on the strategies used to turn a video segment into comprehensible input. We will also discuss how to foster linguistic output and we will analyse briefly how technology has been repurposed to suit the teacherīs needs. We will conclude by reflecting on the role of the teacher depicted by the main character of the video in question.